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We are a small family business with a big passion for our dogs and the quality of food they eat. 

Not just our dogs though, for all dogs.


To have as many dogs eating what they're meant to be eating. As nature intended.


Raw dog food is exactly what our fury friends would have been eating in the wild some 40, 000 years ago. Back then, the dogs never had anyone cooking processed dry biscuits for them, they would hunt their food in the same way animals in the wild still do today.

The benefits of feeding raw food to your dog is night and day compared with dry biscuits or wet tinned food.

Many of the bioavailable nutrients in kibble are lost during the high-heat process when cooked.



BARF stands for “biologically appropriate raw foods,” or “bones and raw foods.” As the name implies, this diet is primarily made up of fresh, raw meat and bones, as well as other Vitamin and mineral supplements


.A diet based on raw animal proteins is designed to mimic the way a dog might eat in the wild, and contains higher protein levels than most standard commercial pet foods (especially dry formulas). Since almost no part of a raw diet is processed, there are no unnecessary filler ingredients present — and therefore, there’s a far lower chance of your dog having an allergic reaction, developing a food intolerance or gaining weight from excess carbohydrates and fat.

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